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What is the maximum size for a group?

Our goal is to keep class quality as high as possible. Therefore we have set a maximum limit of 6 students per group. Having a maximum of 6 students is ideal because there are enough students to practice and interact with each other while still giving each student the time and attention they need to progress.

What will you teach my child in each class?

We use a 2 step weekly program for each class. We start the week with teaching English in a structured way by using the 'Hang Out!' series where students learn in a fun and interactive way through various exercises and homework assignments.
The second part of the week is filled with lots of games and activities to get our students engaged and have a lot of fun while they learn. These games are designed to focus heavily on improving pronunciation and speaking skills. We also have different topics and themes depending on the time of year (Halloween, X-Mas, Tet Holiday, etc)

Switching between these two ways of learning keeps the lessons fresh with a lot of variety so the students are excited and want to learn more.

How do I check the progress of my child?

At the end of every semester (3 months) each class will have a Final Test on the topics learned in that semester. Each parent will receive an update on the progress of their child. What they are good at and where they can improve. And a recommendation on the group level for the next semester.

When will my child move to a higher group?

Every semester (3 months), Arrow Education will review each student's progress to see if he/she can move to a new group or is close to moving to a new group. We will give our recommendation to the parents for the next semester.

What if I think my child belongs in a higher or lower group then he/she is currently in?

We will always give our recommendation on what we believe is the best group for your child. Parents can always contact Arrow Education and discuss what is best for their child. We will explain why your child should be in the group that we recommend but ultimately it is the parents decision. Arrow Education will follow the wishes of the parents.

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